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  • Posture Workshop

    A fun and informational opportunity for your group to learn more about their posture, workspace set up, and how to start improving their quality of life in and out of the workplace. This interactive workshop can be in-person or virtual to accommodate to any work environment. Improving your mobility and understanding of why posture is important can lead to significant short and long-term health benefits.

  • Initial Evaluation

    At Cornerstone PT, we hear your story and take a detailed note of your medical history in a one-on-one interview and a physical exam. From there we create an individualized treatment plan aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together. Following, we implement an initial treatment session

  • Single Follow- up visit

    Our approach at Cornerstone PT is to treat the whole body, not just an isolated injury. This is a one-on-one follow up visit with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Treatment may include manual therapy, neuromusclular re-education, and therapeutic exercises and activities. Treatments vary based on patient needs and goals we set together in the initial evaluation.

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  • Do you slouch?

    Do you get frequent headaches? Do you have upper back tightness or achiness? Is your low back always sore or painful? Your posture is likely playing a huge role in the cause or exacerbation of most, if not all, of those issues. If someone were to take a picture of you using your phone or computer what would they see? - head down - shoulders hunched forward - rounded upper and lower back - upper back "hump" What do you think having our bodies in a scrunched position for so many hours a day will do to the structures and tissues in our head, neck, and back? Over time our body adapts to the changes we place on it and then just maintains that position, but we are not build to be in those positions so somethings do not handle the changes well. Which in turn results in aches, pains, trigger points, and even numbness and tingling. What if there were things you could incorporate into your day to help combat all the sitting we do during the day for work or school? Good News! There are things you can start doing today that can make a huge impact over time on your posture and symptoms. But remember your posture doesn't change overnight- just as we consistently sit in poor posture- you have to consistently retrain yourself to start using good posture habits to change your situation. So here are 5 tips you can incorporate today to start working on your posture Get up and move at least every 2 hours- change positions Use a smaller water bottle so you have to get up and fill it more often Stretch you body at least 2-3 times a day (opposite of sitting posture) Keep your screens (phone included) at eye level when reading Get a posture evaluation or attend a posture workshop to learn even more! If you, your friends, or your company could use further information about posture and ways to work on correcting your posture for a better life- Message me today to set up a consult or workshop! Call 401-307-3389 Email Follow for more posture tips and exercises at Facebook: TheCornerstonePT Instagram: the_cornerstone_pt

  • What is Mobile PT?

    Mobile Physical Therapy. It seems like it's straight forward, right? Why would you choose it over clinic based physical therapy though? Let's explore some positives of a therapist that comes to you. Reason number one is you don't have to do the driving. Being on time isn't a factor, and you aren't losing your already minimal free time traveling to and from an appointment. Secondly, when you go to therapy you are working on strength, mobility, and functional goals that are meaningful to your life- at least you should be. When the therapist travels to you, you get to work on your recovery in a true environment, without the artificial simulation required in clinic. Thirdly, and potentially most important, peace of mind and comfortability! Therapy can be stressful with new environments, people, and activities. Unknowns with progress or how your current issue is affecting your life and if it will ever get better, can make the idea of PT very stressful too. Putting yourself in a familiar environment without strangers observing could make all the difference in meeting your goals of a happier more mobile life. If this is something that sounds like a great option for you, reach out and contact me today! Comment below if you think being in control of your PT environment at home could be a benefit for your body and mind. See you in the recovery zone!

  • What is Dry Needling??

    Are you familiar with the practice of dry needling? Don't feel bad, it's not commonly used in western medicine conversation; but it's been around in one form or another for thousands of years! Dry needling is a treatment using a thin mono-filament needle (same needle used in acupuncture) for the intended treatment of an array of neuro-musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Without an informed understanding of dry needling, the effectiveness and methods could be lost on those who could benefit the most from its practices. Dry needling is used to treat many limitations and symptoms in muscles, ligaments, tendons, subcutaneous fascia, scar tissues, peripheral nerves, and neurovascular bundles1. Meaning there is very few areas in the body that could not be impacted or treated with dry needling. What to expect from a dry needling session (if it is deemed from your physical therapist that it would be beneficial to your treatment goals)? The treatment will last from 10-30 minutes depending on the assessment and treatment During the treatment, you can feel sensations from a dull ache, tingling, pressure, warmth, coolness2,3, etc. You could feel muscle twitching during the treatment After the treatment is over, you could feel tired, sore, warmth, increased mobility, or decreased discomfort. Some report the after sensation to doing an intense workout of those areas –soreness, fatigue, “weakness” Usually, rest and proper hydration is recommended following a treatment Instructions for exercises, resuming aggravating activities, and stretching will be provided on a case by case basis with the PT References 1. Dunning J, Butts R, Mourad F, Young I, Flannagan S, Perreault T. Dry needling: a literature review with implications for clinical practice guidelines. Phys Ther Rev. 2014;19(4):252-265. doi:10.1179/108331913X13844245102034 2. Bovey M, Deqi Journal of chinese medicine. 2006;81:18–29. [Google Scholar] 3. Hui KKS, Nixon EE, Vangel MG, Liu J, Marina O, Napadow V, et al. Characterization of the “deqi” response in acupuncture. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2007;7:33. [PMC free article] [PubMed] [Google Scholar] Additional reading material Dry needling: a literature review with implications for clinical practice guidelines - PMC ( ADVERSE EVENTS ASSOCIATED WITH THERAPEUTIC DRY NEEDLING - PMC (

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  • Physical Therapy | Cornerstone PT

    WELCOME TO CORNERSTONE PT Your Preferred Healthcare Provider Here to Help ABOUT CORNERSTONE PT Here to Help At Cornerstone PT, we offer the highest standard of patient care to ensure your physical health. Since 2015, I have been treating patients with integrity, devotion, and compassion. My mission is to help you regain function, enhance your posture and improve your overall quality of life. At Cornerstone PT, we take a holistic and whole-body approach to our practice. As a mobile Physical Therapist, serving Panama City and the surrounding areas, I will administer a range of highly-focused treatments that are tailored to each individual patient in the comfort of your home. Our Services Initial Evaluation 1 hr 125 US dollars $125 Request to Book Single Follow- up visit 1 hr 100 US dollars $100 Request to Book Virtual Session 1 hr 100 US dollars $100 Request to Book Wellness Planning 1 hr 100 US dollars $100 Request to Book Posture Workshop 1 hr Based on party size Based on party size Request to Book Contact Us To Book Subscribe CONTACT HOURS Here When You Need Us ​ Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Please call/email/text for appointments 401-307-3389 ​ ​ Serving Panama City, Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, St. Andrews, Callaway, Tyndall AFB, Parker, Springfield, and Southport CONTACT US 1-401-307-3389 Fax: (850) 898-0154

  • Patient Consent to Treat Form

    < Back Patient Consent to Treat Form Linked is the form for Patient Consent to Treat. This will be emailed with your initial paperwork. Previous Next

  • Notice of Privacy Practice

    < Back Notice of Privacy Practice Linked is the form for Notice of Privacy Practices. This will be emailed with your initial paperwork. Previous Next

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