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What is Mobile PT?

Mobile Physical Therapy. It seems like it's straight forward, right? Why would you choose it over clinic based physical therapy though? Let's explore some positives of a therapist that comes to you.

Reason number one is you don't have to do the driving. Being on time isn't a factor, and you aren't losing your already minimal free time traveling to and from an appointment. 

Secondly, when you go to therapy you are working on strength, mobility, and functional goals that are meaningful to your life- at least you should be. When the therapist travels to you, you get to work on your recovery in a true environment, without the artificial simulation required in clinic. 

Thirdly, and potentially most important, peace of mind and comfortability! Therapy can be stressful with new environments, people, and activities. Unknowns with progress or how your current issue is affecting your life and if it will ever get better, can make the idea of PT very stressful too. Putting yourself in a familiar environment without strangers observing could make all the difference in meeting your goals of a happier more mobile life. 

If this is something that sounds like a great option for you, reach out and contact me today! 

Comment below if you think being in control of your PT environment at home could be a benefit for your body and mind.

See you in the recovery zone!

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