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Updated: May 11, 2022

First off, I wanted to thank you for stopping by and checking out my site. I wanted to introduce myself a bit more and tell you some more about what Cornerstone PT is all about.

I am a Buffalonian, but I have lived in the south for past 7 years. That is also how long I have been a practicing physical therapist. I have been able to work in many different PT settings moving around the country with my husband in the Air Force. I was able to achieve one of my grad school goals in 2018 by going to the American Institute of Balance to get my vestibular certification. Along with treating low back pain, neck pain, joint injuries, weakness, and other orthopedic conditions; I have been able to branch into the specialization of treating people with vestibular issues. I enjoy helping people work with and overcome a multitude of symptoms around being dizzy. There is so many different treatments and symptoms that can impact someone when they are dizzy or having poor balance. I have taken additional training over the past 4 years in pain science and dry needling. I find the connection between symptoms have many pieces playing a role; so it is important to include the evaluation of the whole person and their life situation to create appropriate goals for success.

Cornerstone PT is a big achievement and change of direction in my career. Being a mom, I have changed my perspective on how much time and quality care needs to be a focus in this stage of my life. Mobile PT allows me to go and treat patients one-on-one and give them the undistracted quality care I have always wanted to be able to provide. Also, with mobile PT we can work on individual personal goals in the actual environment you need to be in. I am so very excited for this opportunity to be able to serve you, my community, in such a personalized way.

Comment below if you have ever had physical therapy before or if you have ever heard of mobile PT!!

Any other questions please comment below or message me directly. I would love to answer any questions.

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