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Do you slouch?

Do you get frequent headaches?

Do you have upper back tightness or achiness?

Is your low back always sore or painful?

Your posture is likely playing a huge role in the cause or exacerbation of most, if not all, of those issues. If someone were to take a picture of you using your phone or computer what would they see?

- head down

- shoulders hunched forward

- rounded upper and lower back

- upper back "hump"

What do you think having our bodies in a scrunched position for so many hours a day will do to the structures and tissues in our head, neck, and back?

Over time our body adapts to the changes we place on it and then just maintains that position, but we are not build to be in those positions so somethings do not handle the changes well. Which in turn results in aches, pains, trigger points, and even numbness and tingling.

What if there were things you could incorporate into your day to help combat all the sitting we do during the day for work or school?

Good News! There are things you can start doing today that can make a huge impact over time on your posture and symptoms.

But remember your posture doesn't change overnight- just as we consistently sit in poor posture- you have to consistently retrain yourself to start using good posture habits to change your situation.

So here are 5 tips you can incorporate today to start working on your posture

  1. Get up and move at least every 2 hours- change positions

  2. Use a smaller water bottle so you have to get up and fill it more often

  3. Stretch you body at least 2-3 times a day (opposite of sitting posture)

  4. Keep your screens (phone included) at eye level when reading

  5. Get a posture evaluation or attend a posture workshop to learn even more!

If you, your friends, or your company could use further information about posture and ways to work on correcting your posture for a better life- Message me today to set up a consult or workshop!

Call 401-307-3389


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