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Dr. Baker is able to provide a multitude of treatment options to address your needs.

Do I Need A Referral?

No. In the state of Florida there is Direct Access, which allows you to immediately begin physical therapy without a referral from a physician. However, if further treatment is needed beyond 30 days, a referral will be required. Cornerstone PT is happy to help you with the referral process and will communicate with your physician to obtain required documentation for continued treatment.

How does mobile physical therapy work?

Mobile PT is a convenient option that allows me to come to you for your treatment in a location that suits you best. I.e. your home, garage gym, etc. Please contact me with any questions today, including if I can treat in your area! If you are not in my local area, contact me to see if a virtual session might be best for you.

Is there a clinic I can go to (instead of my home)?

Yes! We have clinic space out of Lotus Healthcare and Aesthetics at 340 W 23rd St Suite B Panama City, FL 32405

So if meeting at your home or gym space is inconvenient, you can plan an evaluation or treatment at the clinic. 

Do you take my insurance?

Cornerstone PT is an Out of Network clinic. We have a fee-for-service model. Information can be provided, if requested, for the patient to use when contacting their insurance about reimbursement. As an Out of Network provider we are able to provide the best treatment in a one-on-one environment without limitations of insurance. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.

Do I have to have an injury to make an appointment?

No. A specific injury is not necessary in order to receive physical therapy treatment. You can still benefit from physical therapy to address any symptoms or concerns you may have currently. If you have questions about which services may benefit you, please contact us.


As Physical therapy is a service, there are no refunds or returns.

Delivery and Timing for Services

Once an appointment is booked, the session must be paid for 24 hours prior to appointment, unless otherwise discussed. Appointments will be attempted to be scheduled within 48 hours if possible.

Dr. Kristina Baker PT,DPT is able to travel to you for treatment

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